On a snowy day in 1965, Barry was born in Durham, NC.  Durham was a growing city, and one where his parents had their own real estate company.  You could almost say that he has been in real estate "since birth!"

As soon as he was old enough to answer the phone and write down a phone number, Barry's parents put him to work in the real estate office. He somehow managed to spend the fruits of his labor each week on comic books and candy, but by being raised in this environment, he did manage to learn something about real estate. :-)

After growing up, leaving home, and working for several years at the US Postal Service, Barry went back to what he already knew - real estate. He sold real estate in Raleigh, NC from 1996 until moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL at the end of 2003. 

After relocating to south Florida, Barry started over in the business he knows best, real estate sales!   Despite being in a new city and having to start over during the worst real estate market crash in living memory, Barry proved he was a top performer and earned several sales awards.  His skills enabled him to establish a solid track record of sales at a time when many other agents were leaving the business entirely.

During the market correction, Barry and two of his first time sellers were featured on HGTV's show, "My First Sale"!  Barry works with regular sellers, and negotiates bank-approved short sales for sellers who owe more than their property is worth.

Barry is rated FIVE STARS on Zillow, the number one real estate web site in the world in terms of consumer traffic.

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